Testosterone Side Effects

test-2-33Testosterone is important for men. In fact, it is the hormone that makes men men. It is responsible for growing boys into men. It not only gives you your aggressive nature but also controls your sexual and erectile function.

Testosterone also plays a major role in stabilizing mood levels in men. A drop in testosterone production, therefore, leads to a whole lot of complications and other problems.

Testosterone Side Effects

Some of such side effects include:

– Common or Mild Side Effects:

bitter taste in mouth
change in sex drive
fatigue and lack of energy
irritation in mouth or gums
swelling or tenderness in gums
hair loss and
headache etc.,
Some of the more severe side effects that can require treatment include:

tightness in the chest
interrupted breathing while sleeping
severe allergic reactions
development of male breasts or man boobs
change in size and shape of testicles (testicle swelling or shrinkage)
depression or mood changes
loss of appetite
pain in the abdomen
swelling of legs and ankles
urination problems
prolonged and painful erections
yellowing of skin or eyes etc.,
You must not try to play with hormones in your body.

Hormone replacement therapy can upset your endocrine system and lead to severe complications.

However, there are ways to boost the production of testosterone in your body naturally.

A healthy and active lifestyle goes a long way in keeping your testosterone levels intact.

Natural or herbal supplements can also be a big help in stimulating testosterone production in your body without any side effects at all.

One of the best natural testosterone boosting supplement or pill is Testogen.

Testogen is a 100% natural and safe formulation that is made with a range of amino acids and herbs that not only increase testosterone production in your body but also stimulates growth hormone production.

It is one supplement that can help restore testosterone and HGH production in your body to youthful levels without side effects. If you want to buy testosterone supplements, Provacyl is the smartest choice you can make. It is a supplement that has helped thousands of men restore their sexual and overall health over the past 5 years.

It can help boost your libido or sex drive and change your body composition too. It can make you gain lean muscle and reduce body fat. Not just this, it can also reduce wrinkles and fine lines and make your skin look younger.

It is also highly effective in reducing LDL cholesterol and gives a boost to your energy and stamina. In addition to this, it can also help elevate your mood and can make you sleep better.

It comes with a complete money back guarantee and does not require a prescription. It is a dietary supplement and you must have it for at least 6 months to experience the best positive effects.