testosterone enanthate cycle

There is no reports of deaths or life-threatening occurrence of side effects due to drug overdose. There is no specific antidote.
The clinical symptoms of overdose include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, confusion, tremors, convulsions.
In case of overdose, the patient should be under medical supervision. When the side effects of the nervous system (including epileptiform convulsions) prescribed symptomatic treatment (diazepam). After recent use (less than 4 h) remove testosterone enanthate cycle the drug from the gastrointestinal (GI) tract by gastric lavage, then take activated charcoal to reduce absorption. Elimination of the drug from the body can be accelerated by forced diuresis.

Interaction with other drugs

Pipemidic acid causes inhibition of the enzyme cytochrome (P450).
The half-life of theophylline is increased by concomitant use of pipemidic acid, its serum concentration increased by 40-80%.
It is necessary to control the plasma concentration of theophylline during use pipemidic acid.
Against the background of pipemidic acid , like other antibiotics of the quinolone series, there is an increase of concentration of caffeine in serum (2-4 times). Antacids (aluminum preparations, magnesium and calcium) and sucralfate significantly delay absorption pipemidic acid. The interval between taking these drugs must be at least 2-3 hours. At the same time, this effect was not observed at concomitant use of cimetidine and ranitidine. Palin ® may enhance the anticoagulant effect of warfarin at the same time taking. In an application with NSAIDs may cause seizures. When combined admission withaminoglycosides observed synergy with bactericidal action.

special instructions

During treatment testosterone enanthate cycle should avoid ultraviolet radiation due to the high risk of photosensitivity.
With long-term use of the drug should monitor the overall performance of blood, to determine liver and kidney function, and repeated to determine the sensitivity of microflora to pipemidic acid.
It is necessary to increase the amount of fluid intake (under the control of diuresis) .
to apply caution in patients older than 70 years (due to the increased incidence of adverse events in elderly patients), and patients with impaired renal function (creatinine clearance> 10 and <30 ml / min) (contraindicated with oliguria and anuria, creatinine clearance <10 ml / min), the dose requires adjustment and regular monitoring of the patient’s condition. Be careful when using the drug in patients with a history of cerebrovascular accident (including bleeding in the brain, spasms of cerebral vessels), as well as seizures.
Patients with deficiency of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase may develop hemolytic anemia.
As in the treatment of other antibacterial agents, there is a risk of superinfection.
with long-term course of treatment may develop pseudomembranous colitis.
there may be a false positive reaction to glucose urine using Benedict’s reagent or solution Felling. It is recommended to use the enzymatic reaction with glucose oxidase.
The dye Brilliant Black (E151) may cause allergic reactions, including asthma. Allergic reactions were more frequent in patients who are allergic to aspirin. The colorant sunset yellow (E110) may cause allergic reactions.

Effects on ability to drive vehicles, machinery

During the period of preparation testosterone enanthate cycle may occur dizziness and blurred vision, so be careful when driving and occupation of other activities that require concentration and speed of psychomotor reactions. balkan pharmaceuticals